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Course Overview
This course is for teachers who want to help their students write better essays and have more constructive discussions. The curriculum was created by Harvard philosophers to help students practice and learn critical thinking skills. This course is broken down into bite-size pieces so that you can work through it at your own pace. These bite-size pieces include short videos, reflections on your teaching, practice exercises, and summative assessments. The entire course will take you about 15 hours to work all the way through. By completing the course, you will earn one graduate credit from SNHU. 

You can read more about the SNHU-ThinkerAnalytix partnership here.


What You'll Gain

We will teach you a research-backed method called argument mapping that you can use with students to help them analyze the many arguments they encounter in course texts, class discussions, and social media. Argument mapping is simple, concrete and practical. It is also the most effective method that we know of for teaching logical reasoning skills. This method is used by ThinkerAnalytix's growing network of middle, high school, and college instructors.

Who Should Take This Course

This course is designed for pre-service and in-service teachers who want to help their students write better essays and have more constructive discussions, especially about controversial issues. You can read testimonials from other teachers who have taken our programs on our testimonials page.

Focus on Pedagogy

We will teach you a concrete, practical method for facilitating classroom discussions that is skill-focused and extremely accessible to students.

Starting with the most basic vocabulary, we will give you the tools you need to teach your students how to engage in conversations about controversial issues with logical rigor, empathy, and evidence.


The next iteration of this course begins August 29, 2022 and runs for eight weeks, ending October 15, 2022. Register now to check out the course for free! If you decide to take the course for credit, we will request payment before we grade your reflections and capstone project submissions. More information about earning the credit can be found on our FAQ page and will also be sent in the introductory email which you will receive upon registering below. 

Credits and Registration

This is a one-credit course that will take approximately 15 hours to complete. You can take it the basic lessons free, but if you want to complete the capstone project and earn the graduate credit it costs $259. Please see this FAQ page, which outlines more about ThinkerAnalytix and how you will receive credit for course completion. 

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