Optional Diagnostic (your chance to skip ahead)

Welcome to the How We Argue Diagnostic! This is a totally optional “test” that covers all the target skills for Lessons 1-3 in the How We Argue course.

If you would like to skip Lessons 1-3 in How We Argue and jump straight to Lesson 4, you can try your hand at this Diagnostic, which consists of 18 questions. If you get at least 90% on this Diagnostic, then you will be given full credit for Lessons 1-3, and skip ahead straight to Lesson 4.

If you choose not to take this Diagnostic, or if you take it but get less than 90% on it, you will begin How We Argue at Lesson 1, with absolutely no penalty. Again, it’s totally optional. We simply want to give you the chance to skip ahead if you’re feeling particularly confident.

Please note that you will only have one opportunity to pass this Diagnostic.

Variation: A

Identify whether this passage is an argument, fight, or description.

Office workers should return to working in-person. Working from home disrupts productivity because employees are distracted by snacks. For example, employees might get up to grab a coffee or some cheese, stroll back to their laptop, and then forget what they were doing before.