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ThinkerAnalytix is an educational nonprofit based in Cambridge, MA. We partner with the Harvard Department of Philosophy to teach critical thinking skills so that students achieve academically and discuss social issues with precision and care.

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How We Argue 101 

Includes: Lessons 0-10 with Live Chat – $25/ student

  • Lessons cover key vocabulary and concepts such as claims, premises, evidence and reasoning.
  • Optional advanced lessons cover techniques for analysis and evaluation of college-level texts.
  • Students work through hundreds of differentiated and personalized practice exercises, plus mastery checks for each lesson that are graded automatically.
  • Instructors can easily track students’ skill attainment on our simple teacher dashboard.
  • Students access on-demand tutoring from professional philosophers through the Live Chat feature.
  • A basic starter guide for how to use MindMup is provided at no additional cost.

How We Argue Advanced Seminar

Includes: Lessons 0-10, Live Chat, Teacher Resource Folder and Unlimited PD for Instructors, plus Graded Capstone Assignment – $50/ student

  • Includes all course lessons available in HWA 101, plus access to a Teacher Resource Folder for all instructors.
  • TA will provide unlimited professional development and individual consultations to help instructors integrate argument mapping with their course content.
  • TA will also grade and provide students with feedback on a multi-part Capstone Assignment.

*Bonus Item*: Instructor Resource Folder

One Year Access – $50/ instructor

  • An extensive folder of resources, including in-class activities, assessments, rubrics, lesson plans, slides, and additional assignments, such as a Capstone assignment and the Disagreement Project.

Institutional discounts and financial aid are available; contact us to inquire!