Part 4: Evaluate an Argument

Once we have given you the go ahead to begin part 4, you should then begin evaluating your interlocutor’s argument map. Your evaluation should be as rigorous as possible while being fair and charitable to your conversation partner. Evaluate the argument directly on the MindMup map, using the tools of MindMup (i.e., changing colors of premises, attaching notes, evaluating and labeling inferences). You should follow the rubric here. Then, submit submit your evaluation of the argument for review through the course chat function.

We will evaluate the quality of your argument map and evaluation. They’ll evaluate your work to see whether you’ve successfully applied the skills that you’ve learned throughout this course. In addition, we will evaluate whether you’ve engaged in a productive conversation with your partner. Ideally, the conversation should be respectful, but searching. You should explore your disagreement in depth. 

Optional: If you would like, we recommend having short conversation with us about your experience with the project (10-15 minutes). This conversation will help you reflect on your experience with the Disagreement Project and this course as a whole. To set up a time to chat, simply get in touch with us in the chat function when you send in your evaluation map!