💭 Plan an Activity

This task asks you to synthesize the skills you gained in lessons 0-6 and while practicing mapping arguments in MindMup to create an activity you can use in your classroom.

Identify a text or excerpt you regularly use in class that contains an argument you would like students to be able to analyze. The text should be approximately two paragraphs long. Try your hand at mapping the argument in MindMup. When you’re ready, click “Share” in MindMup and drop the link in the chat. Let us know how you might use this map in your classroom (we provide a few examples below, but feel free to create your own!).

A few ideas: There are several ways you can use this map in your classroom. First, you can show students the map and ask them to evaluate the argument in MindMup by testing premises for truth and testing inferences for strength. The map could also serve as a basis for a classroom discussion, in which you ask students to add their own premises or objections. You could even leave some of the premises blank and ask students to fill them in, given their knowledge of the text. Or, the map could be used as an “answer key.” Once students have learned to map arguments, you can ask them to map the text you chose, and use your map to evaluate their work.